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Custard Apple and Orange Juice Fruit Puree

If you are a parent of a five or six month old, you are certainly worried about how you are going to start weaning your baby. Weaning is actually not a very tiresome process, besides it is fun to watch your child savour and enjoy some of the foods that you start your baby on.



This is a Mexican food made with country cheese inside a folded corn or wheat tortilla and cooked until the cheese melts. The main attraction of this recipe is the various comination of cheese.

Pot noodles

Pot Nodles

Recipe of Pot noodles have actually originated in Japan as a fast food. This flavorful meal could be eaten anytime either during lunch, packed in a thermos pot, or frozen for a quick night meal. The preparation of Pot noodles carry its own Asian style depends upon the kinds of flavoring elements being added along with the basic ingredients.

Kung Pao Chicken Recipe

Kung Pao Chicken

I try to keep my kung pao chicken as authentic as possible, but feel free to tone down the quantity of fried chillies if you wish. I wanted to share the secret ingredient of Kung Pao chicken, which is vinegar in the sauce.

Chicken Curry with Coconut

Coconut Chicken Curry

This Chicken Curry Recipe, which is a main dish, is one of my favourites. It uses the ingredients common in South India and is similar to the chicken curry recipe known as Chicken Chettinad.

Hamburgers with Walnuts

Hamburgers with Walnuts

Do you like a little crunch in your hamburger without the nuts getting overcooked? Try making it with a bit of walnuts in the sauce. This delicious burger recipe uses walnuts to add texture and making the hamburger awesome. This hamburger recipe is an easy to make recipe.

Garlic Chilli Sauce Burger Recipe

Sauce Burger

This is an excellent garlic chilli sauce recipe that will satisfy all of you lovers of that pungent garlic. Garlic is good for health in many ways and helps to reduce or get rid of certain ailments. This is a very hot garlic sauce so beware of the garlic sauce if you cannot eat hot and spicy food.

Butter Chicken Tikka Masala Curry

Butter Chicken

There is a good reason why most have this dish on their menus because it is so delicious to eat. It’s best to use leftover tandoori chicken for this chicken recipe, or you can just whip up a batch of that to use in this quick chicken recipe.

Delicious Chicken Chowmein Recipe

chicken chow mein

Most children love to eat chowmein, which is also a traditional dish in some Asian countries, besides it is eaten by a lot of people across the world. When people want to eat chowmein, they generally head for a Chinese restaurant, as they feel that it is something that is difficult to make at home. However, this is a tasty chowmein recipe that can be tried at home with success.

Fried Chicken Recipe

Fried Chicken

The secrets or making fried chicken very crispy is to use all-purpose flour, corn flour and rice flour in equal portions to coat the chicken or fried bananas for that matter and you will have very crispy skin that sticks to whatever you are frying.