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Ripe Banana Pancakes

Banana pancake recipes are sure to be a hit with children. Bananas add a sweetness and texture to the pancakes that are pleasing and familiar to their mouths.

Of all the banana pancake recipes out there, this one is my favorite. My son is a monkey. Not just because he climbs on everything and can make a lot of noise but because over everything else in this great green earth he will choose to eat bananas which make these pancakes a common request in my kitchen.

Tangy Sourdough Pancakes Recipe

There are hundreds of recipes and many flavours to make pancakes and one such different pancakes variety is sourdough pancakes..this pancake is given such name because they are made with sour dough starter & we need to prepare this sourdough starter at least 15-20 hours in advance. that’s why this is somewhat unique pancakes recipe as compare to other regular pancakes recipes and flavours. Let’s see how to prepare tangy sourdough pancakes right at home anytime.