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Annabel KarmelAnnabel Karmel

Annabel Karmel is the leading expert and on baby, children food and nutrition and UK’s best selling authorĀ .

On Annabel Karmel’s site you can find free recipes, Pancakes, Pot Noodle, and other recipes for babies, kids and mums.

Also featuring parenting guide and advices for mums on Weaning, Breastfeeding, Bottle Feeding, and how to bring up child.

Free Indian Recipes

Free Indian Recipes

On Free Indian Recipes portal you can find wide range of tasty and delicious Indian Recipes, Chicken Recipes, Tandoor Recipes, Swwets, Halwa Recipes, Rice Recipes and aother variety of recipes.

You can also find regional recipes from India such North India, South India, Andhra, Kerla and other regions.

Parenting Portals

Mums and Babies PortalMums and Babies

Mums and Babies portal offers advices to mums and parents on a wide range of issues such as bringing up child, weaning, breastfeeding, and bottle feeding.

It also has a large number of free recipes for babies, kids and mums.