Custard Apple and Orange Juice Fruit Puree

If you are a parent of a five or six month old, you are certainly worried about how you are going to start weaning your baby. Weaning is actually not a very tiresome process, besides it is fun to watch your child savour and enjoy some of the foods that you start your baby on.

Sometimes in the beginning, babies do reject foods that they are introduced to, but do not be disheartened, as they will slowly acquire the tastes and begin to enjoy what you feed them.

The safest and the best foods to start with are fruits. These will be faced with the least bit of rejection. You can make fruit purees using a whole variety of fruits and this will also help you know what fruits you baby enjoys eating.

You can even make the fruit puree and refrigerate and use when required. You can create several weaning recipes of your own by making different fruit purees. Here is one to help you start collecting.


  • 2 Custard Apples
  • Juice of one fresh orange


Custard apples have very thick outer skin and large seeds inside therefore you will need two custard apples to have enough pulp for the puree. The pulp that is obtained from inside the custard apple is very soft and so things can get messy while removing the seeds and separating the pulp from them. Scoop out the pulp that layers the inner skin of the hard skin with a teaspoon.

Cut the orange into half from the centre and extract the juice using a hand juicer. Strain the juice for any pips and keep in a cup. Mash the custard apple; it can be done by hand using a fork, as custard apple is very pulpy. Add a little of the orange juice and blend in well. Use all of the juice or as is required to form a thick puree. Your fruit puree is ready to be served to your tiny tot. It has flavour and taste and is sure to be enjoyed by your child.

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